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School of Business


Faculty in the School of Business have long-recognized the importance of strong managerial practices and business infrastructures to support the full exercise of tribal sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and self-determination in Native communities. Tribal governments, economic development and business initiatives today must be positioned to serve the needs of tribes during rapidly changing and often turbulent economic times.

In the Fall of 1998, the School of Business was established to provide a four-year business degree to educate and graduate Native students to meet the needs of business leaders in tribal communities.

The initial proposal, outlined the purpose of the School of Business.

  1. Empower tribal members with the necessary tools to realize economic self-sufficiency and self-determination both on and off the reservation in order to achieve true sovereignty
  2. Teach future entrepreneurs and business students to use the entrepreneurial perspective in order to make creative and innovative decisions
  3. Provide students with a base of knowledge and practical skills necessary to contribute to the growth and development of Native communities and individuals
  4. Teach effective business management practices in order to enhance community and individual success
  5. Prepare students for the challenges of a multicultural world
  6. Preserve tribal interests and sovereignty

Core Values

Respect – We value the American Indian and Alaska Native cultures, languages, and communities; honor ourselves and others; and treat everyone with integrity, tolerance, and dignity.

Commitment – We are dedicated to the success and growth of our students and our programs. We promote the willingness and responsibility to initiate ideas and solutions.

Sovereignty – We honor our past and gain insight into a future of self-determination and autonomy.

Vision Statement

The School of Business will be recognized nationally for graduating American Indian and Alaska Native students who distinguish themselves as managers and leaders in the business world and in their service to Indian Country.

Mission Statement

The School of Business provides an academically challenging learning environment, where students develop critical-thinking skills applicable to all areas of business and management, with an emphasis on teamwork, communication, leadership, and ethical decision making. Our students can take on leadership roles to meet the changing needs of today’s global and tribal environments.

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