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School of Business

Application Packet

The application packet consists of:

  1. Completed School of Business application cover page and School of Business application for admission
    Please write legibly and use ink. The application page must be signed and dated with a concentration chosen to be considered complete. Download the application, HERE
  2. Official transcripts from each college you have attended outside of Haskell
    Current students will have an advisor’s transcript printed out by the School of Business for course work done at Haskell. The applicant must not have any outstanding fees and should check with the Business Office when applying to make sure their account is in order. All outside transcripts from both transfer students and current students must be official, copies or unofficial printouts are not acceptable. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure transcripts are delivered to the School of Business.
  3. Two (2) letters of reference from outside the Haskell School of Business
    Letters of recommendation can be from anyone who has personal knowledge of your skills and abilities. They do not have to be from educators or Haskell employees. School of Business faculty members are prohibited from giving letters of recommendation because of ethical concerns. School of Business faculty members already have a vote in whether applicants are accepted into the program or not. The purpose of seeking letters of recommendation is to familiarize the potential business student with business protocol when seeking a job.
  4. Resume
    Resumes should be typed and follow a generally accepted resume format. The professional appearance of the resume will be used to determine the potential student’s writing skills. The purpose of requiring a resume is to familiarize the potential business student with business protocol when seeking a job.
  5. Personal Essay
    The essay you are to provide the School of Business should pertain to your educational and professional goals in life. Your essay needs to be typed, double spaced with one (1) inch margins and follow a five paragraph essay format. Your essay will be used to evaluate your ability to effectively communicate and your writing skill. A poorly written essay can be used as the basis for denying admittance.
  6. Completed degree check sheet from chosen concentration
    Students should fill out the degree check sheet for the concentration they wish to seek. The degree check sheet is a tool used to show the level of progression within the program. It is designed to allow the potential business student to plan for the necessary progression in course work to complete the program successfully. The check sheet is a good tool to use to map out future class schedules. The purpose of requiring a degree check sheet is to allow the potential business student to successfully plan their course work and to see their academic progress. Transfer students should be aware that the determination of what will transfer is made by the Registrar, as well as, if they meet course requirements.

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