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Communications Department


Welcome to the Communication Studies Department. Human communication is a fascinating and relevant field of study drawing on historical roots going back to pre-history, and cutting edge futuristic technology moving us into the global age. The Communication Studies department offers course work to prepare the student to be successful in the classroom, the courtroom, or the boardroom with historical, cultural, and contemporary skills and perspectives.

Specifically we offer a choice of two General Education courses which prepare students to communicate effectively in an academic and professional setting. Speech Communication offers an introductory view of a variety of communication contexts and skills while Public Speaking provides a more focused introduction to presentational speaking. Both courses prepare students to be successful speakers in their academic coursework and public or professional settings. Both courses transfer to other colleges as the “required speech course,” including the University of Kansas here in Lawrence, with whom we have transfer agreements.

The Communication Studies department also offers a two-year Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Speech Communication. This degree is a great springboard for students wishing to transfer into a Communication Studies, Human Relations, Journalism and Media, Law, Business or Medical field where knowledge and skill in human communication will be fundamental to success. Twelve hours of credit in communication studies (beyond the basic General Education course) provides skills and abilities in Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Working in Groups and Teams, Persuasion, and optional courses in Native American Rhetoric and Environmental Communication.

For those students pursuing degrees in four-year programs at Haskell, the Communication Studies program supports your efforts by offering relevant course work to support your degree. These courses fill electives in your Baccalaureate degree programs and add skills and abilities which complement your career in Education, Business, Environmental Science or American Indian Studies.

These courses include:

Business Administration COMS 226 Interpersonal Communications; COMS 256 Working in Groups & Teams; COMS 276 Persuasion & Social Influence
Tribal Managment COMS 246 Intercultural Communication; COMS 310 Native American Rhetoric
Education COMS 246 Intercultural Communication
Environmental Science COMS 360 Environmental Communication
American Indian Studies COMS 310 Native American Rhetoric; COMS 360 Environmental Communication

Enjoy your journey through the world of human communications and the exciting possibilities it will offer you as you discover your potential at Haskell.