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Communications Department


Dept ID Course Name & Information Credits
COMS 131 Public SpeakingPublic SpeakingPublic Speaking is an introductory class in rhetoric and public address, emphasizing the practical demonstration of public communication skills, including topic selection and audience adaptation, research, message organization, effective delivery, incorporation of technology and multi-media, apprehension reduction, and informative and persuasive speaking strategies. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or concurrent enrollment 3
COMS 151 Speech CommunicationsSpeech CommunicationsThis course is an introduction to human communication theory with practice in developing speaking skills in the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and public communication contexts. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or concurrent enrollment 3
COMS 226 Interpersonal Communications*Interpersonal CommunicationsBecause we are challenged, as never before, to create and maintain healthy relationships with others, this course focuses on the goal of increasing our interpersonal communication skills. The course will emphasize concepts, contexts, and skills with the aim of improving personal interaction in all facets of life. Prerequisite: COMS 131 or 151 3
COMS 246 Intercultural Communications*Intercultural CommunicationsAn examination of the theoretical and practical relationship between culture and communication behavior in a variety of communication contexts (settings), with emphasis on: cultural identity formation, belonging to multiple cultures, racism and prejudice, and intercultural communicative competence in perception, verbal and nonverbal codes. Projects and readings explore strategies for effective cross-cultural communication between and among cultural groups. Prerequisite: COMS 131 or COMS 151 3
COMS 276 Persuasion and Social InfluencePersuasion and Social InfluenceAn examination of the theories of persuasion as they apply to everyday communication situations. The course will examine the psychological, social, cultural and the ethical considerations in persuasion and challenge students to analyze, critique, and compose persuasive messages. Research into a contemporary rhetorical issue will form the basis for semester long research and writing. Prerequisite: COMS 131 or COMS 151 3
COMS 310 Traditional / Contemporary Native American RhetoricTraditional/Contemporary Native American RhetoricThis is a course in rhetorical analysis and criticism of traditional and contemporary Native American discourse. This course will examine predominant themes in historical and contemporary Native American oratory while gaining knowledge of and skill in both classical and indigenous rhetorical theory and criticism. In addition, the course will examine how historical context, social and political agendas, and translation impact our understanding and interpretation of Native American oratory. The course challenges students to research traditional and contemporary Native American rhetorical discourse, write critically about it and present their work in a public setting. Prerequisite: COMS 131 or COMS 151 3


The 2-year Associate of Arts Emphasis in Speech Communication includes those course marked with an * and 2 additional elective communication courses for a total of 12 hours, in addition to the basic course (Speech Communication or Public Speaking).