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Four-Year Academic Degree Programs

The university offers majors in American Indian Studies (B.A.), Business Administration (B.S.), Environmental Science (B.S.), and Elementary Education (B.S.). Details about the baccalaureate degrees and the majors associated with them may be found in the Haskell catalog.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (120 hours) specialization which includes 30 to 40 hours of specialized/required coursework.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree (120 hours) specialization which includes 40 to 50 hours of specialized/required coursework.
  • Concentration – an option of 15 required credit hours that narrows the course of study in a degree program.


Bachelor Degree secondary specialization which includes 12 to 18 hours of specialized /required coursework in an area other than a major field of study which provides a secondary specialization or serves to enhance personal interests of the student.

Students may take courses related to their intended baccalaureate, and can make a formal declaration of their baccalaureate program until after completion of 45 credit hours. Admission to a baccalaureate degree program is determined by application to the specific college or school offering the baccalaureate degree and should not be considered automatic. Students must be accepted into a baccalaureate program after the completion of 70 credit hours to remain enrolled at Haskell.

Transfer students or students applying for re-admission intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree also must first be accepted by a baccalaureate program before they will be accepted by the university. Acceptance into a baccalaureate program does not mean acceptance by the university. Students are required to apply to both the university and the school offering the chosen degree and must be accepted by both to proceed.

Baccalaureate degrees are granted upon completion of 120 semester credit hours of creditable college work (credit hours for the B.S. in Elementary Education may be slightly more), a final GPA of at least 2.00 unless otherwise specified by the program and completion of the university requirements, General Education Program requirements, and specific baccalaureate requirements. Additional requirements of the baccalaureate degree are:

  • Upper division credit: total hours must include at least 40 hours of junior/senior credits.
  • Maximum transfer hours or community credit: 64 hours.
  • 30 credit hours must be taken in residence at Haskell.
  • Minimum 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in upper division credit hours, except where noted as a higher requirement for specific baccalaureate programs.
  • A change in degree plan may be made at any time prior to the final semester of residence.
  • Only one baccalaureate degree will be conferred.

Graduation requirements and regulations for every degree program are provided in this catalog. Degree requirements and course descriptions are subject to change. In most cases, you will use the catalog of the year you entered Haskell.