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General Education Program


The General Education Program provides the knowledge and skills that prepares students for the different disciplines and analytical approaches in their education at Haskell. This includes the ability to write clearly, to read critically, to speak effectively, to use mathematics competently, to think critically and creatively, and to understand abstract concepts. As an intertribal University, Haskell's curriculum believes American Indian and Alaska Native history, culture and philosophy, art, music, literature, and contemporary tribal issues are necessary to understand and tell "the story of the people." The purpose of the Haskell curriculum is to enable students to pursue their professional goals with consideration to American Indian and Alaska Native worldviews, philosophies, cultures and contemporary experiences.

About the General Education Requirements

The General Education requirements are the same for all degrees, granting that every degree has additional requirements.

  1. Refer to a specific department for more information on emphasis requirements.
  2. The total number of credit hours for General Education is 34 credit hours.
  3. An Associate of Arts degree emphasis includes 15 to 18 hours of specialized and required coursework in one program in addition to the General Education requirements.
  4. An Associate of Science degree emphasis requires a minimum of 21 hours of required coursework in one program in addition to the General Education requirements.
  5. Student may earn an A. A. in Liberal Arts with an undeclared emphasis provided all General Education requirements have been fulfilled and a total of 60 credits (including General Education credits) are successfully earned.
  6. Associate degrees are not required for admission into baccalaureate programs.
  7. Students with advanced placement may satisfy a General Education requirement with a higher level course from the same department with the department's approval.
  8. The same course may not be used to fulfill more than one General Education Program and/or Degree requirement.
  9. Special topics courses do not meet the General Education Program requirements.