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General Education Outcomes

Students who have successfully completed the General Education program curriculum at Haskell achieve each of the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Communicate effectively through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

  1. Prepare and present effective oral presentations
  2. Listen actively, demonstrating respect for the oral tradition
  3. Read critically
  4. Prepare, organize and create written messages to communicate ideas with technical and rhetorical proficiency

Outcome 2: Understand, interpret, and communicate quantitative and qualitative information and reasoning; engage in ethical and responsible problem solving and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

  1. Research and report findings in discipline specific ways
  2. Demonstrate information literacy
  3. Employ logic and reasoning skills
  4. Engage in ethical problem solving
  5. Describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate ideas and discourse from multiple perspectives

Outcome 3: Identify, analyze, interpret, and evaluate historical and cultural forces and their implications.

  1. Apply an understanding of global, U.S., and tribal histories, world views, beliefs, and values to contemporary social problems
  2. Identify contemporary political, social, environmental, educational and spiritual tribal and inter-tribal issues
  3. Articulate the implications of multiculturalism, multiracialism, otherness, and the acceptance of difference
  4. Advocate for the sovereignty and self-determination of First Nations peoples
  5. Employ the principles of ethical and effective human interaction in communities and nations

Outcome 4: Identify and apply the basic concepts of wellness.

  1. Apply the principles of health and wellness.
  2. Practice time and resource management.
  3. Engage in spiritual well-being.
  4. Take personal responsibility and demonstrate respect.
  5. Engage in leadership and civic responsibility.

General Education

Dr. Joseph Rodriguez,
Acting Dean of Humanities

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