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All policies and fees are recommended and approved by Haskell Indian Nations University and the Board of Regents and are subject to change.

Fee Policy

The mission of Haskell Indian Nations University is to provide a tuition-free education for Native American Indians and Alaskan Natives of federally recognized tribes beginning in 1884.

Current students will be required to present a valid Haskell Student ID for all transactions or inquires. Non-Students will be required to present a valid picture ID. NO EXCEPTIONS. Fees are assessed when the student enrolls according to residency status.

Standard Fall and Spring Budget – Students Per Semester

You must pay these costs on or before enrollment period ends

Foodservice Fee$245$0
Library Fee$100$100
Housing Fee$180$0
Little Nations Academic Center Fee$5$5
Activity Fee$35$35
Internet Usage Fee$50$50
Athletics Events$25$25
Thorpe Fitness Center Fee$25$25
Laundry Usage Fee$50$0
Standard Summer Budget

You must pay these costs on or before enrollment period ends

Foodservice Fee$125$0
Library Fee$50$50
Housing Fee$90$0
Little Nations Academic Center Fee$5$5
Activity Fee$25$25
Internet Usage Fee$25$25
Thorpe Fitness Center Fee$15$15
Laundry Usage Fee$25$0

Items of note

• Activity Fee can be paid at the Haskell Student Bank
• Meals are no longer provided, but may be purchased by off-campus students at $4 each.
• Additional fees incurred by specific classes (lab fees, art supplies, classroom observation fee, etc) will be applied to the student’s account balance.
• Outstanding fines/fees/charges results in a Business HOLD.
• A HOLD will not allow the student to obtain services from the University, this includes, but not limited to, enrollment and transcripts.

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Disbursement of Funding Policy

• Students must be clear from the Financial Aid Office BEFORE any scholarship refund occurs.
• The Business Office will notify you via Haskell email to stop by to pick up your scholarship refund.
• Students will NOT receive scholarships before the end of the ADD/DROP period of the current semester.
• PELL is disbursed according to the Financial Aid schedule
• If a student is on a multi-listed check or owes for the current semester and a scholarship refund is expected, there is an additional 10 working days before a scholarship refund check is received. This is due to the scholarship refund process which is initiated at Haskell and sent to our offices in Reston, VA for processing through the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS).

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Fee Payment Policy

  1. You must register for classes first so the fees will be charged according to your residency status, On or Off-campus.
    • If you owe fees/fines/charges from previous semester(s) you will not be able to enroll until you have paid all of your debt. You can pay these debts online at Haskell.edu or in office at the Business office.
  2. You have until the first day of classes to pay your current semester fees.
    • A Late Registration Fee of $30.00 will be assessed on the first day of classes if you have not registered by this time. (students receiving financial aid will receive a 30 day extension to pay the semester fees starting the date their financial aid was disbursed, a late registration fee of $30.00 will be assessed to the account after such time has passed).
    • Students eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and have received their award letter, your account will be credited. If you have not received an award letter by the first day of class, and are unable to pay your semester fees, you must sign up for a Payment Plan.
  3. If you cannot pay your fees by the first day of classes, you must sign up for the Fee Payment Plan.
    1. Fee Payment Plan is for current semester fees ONLY.
      1. See Business Office on Fee Payment Plan the last day of add/drop.
      2. Deadline for applying for this plan is the first day of classes.
      3. The Activity Fee payment of $35.00 will have to be paid before establishing a payment plan. This is paid at the Student Bank, no exceptions.
      4. This plan will be setup for ten weekly payments with grace period of two days. If payment is late, a $5.00 late fee will be assessed to your account.
      5. No refund of any fees or payments will be granted under this plan.
  4. Important notes
    • Full fee payment is due by the first day of classes or you may opt to sign up for a Fee Payment Plan by first day of classes.
    • American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are acceptable forms of payment through our Pay Online portal at haskell.edu.
    • The Business Office accepts ONLY payments in cash or money orders for university fees, fines and charges at the window; EXCEPT the Activity Fee, pay this fee at the Student Bank.

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Refund Policy

All payments made to the Business Office are non-refundable. If extenuating circumstances permit you from attending a particular semester where you had already paid the fees, you must notify in writing the Business Office to obtain approval to apply the fees to a subsequent semester.

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