Business Office

Business Office Disbursement of Funding Policy

(Tribal & Other Scholarships)
Student Scholarship Refund Procedure:

Students must be clear from the Financial Aid Office BEFORE any scholarship refund occurs. The Business Office will notify you by Haskell email to stop by to pick up your scholarship refund.

Students will NOT receive scholarships before the end of the ADD/DROP period of the current semester. PELL is disbursed in two installments. The 1st disbursement is two (2) weeks after the first day of classes. The 2nd and final disbursement (if eligible; see Financial Aid department regarding eligibility) is six (6) weeks after the first day of classes.

If a student owes for the current semester and a scholarship refund is expected, there is an additional 10 working days before a scholarship refund check is received. This is due to the scholarship refund process going through the Federal Finance System. The Haskell Business Office is unable to process scholarship refunds through the Haskell Student Bank due to the unique position of being a federally funded institute of higher learning for tribal members and is governed by Federal rules and regulations; Title 25 USC Chapter 12, section 413 and Title 31 USC, section 3302.

*Students who are on a multi-listed check (several students listed on one check) will need to wait up to
 10 additional working days due to the scholarship refund process going through the Federal Finance

**Current Student ID required for all current students
***All scholarship checks are subject to an additional 10 day processing under certain circumstances

Leaving School - Federal Funds Repayment
A student, who received Title IV (Pell Grant, FSEOG and ACG) funds officially or unofficially withdraws, drops out, or stops attending all classes prior to earning more than 60% during a term will have their award recalculated and a possibility of a repayment. If a student is contemplating on withdrawing from Haskell Indian Nations University it is essential they visit the Financial Aid Office concerning how this will affect their future financial aid and the return of Title IV funds.

The student will be notified via letter by the Business Office within 45 calendar days of the date determine of withdrawal to repay Title IV funds. The student then has 45 calendar days from the date of notification to pay. If unpaid by the due date set in the letter the student’s repayment amount will be referred to the Department of Education – Collections. Another opportunity exists for the students at this time to make arrangements to repay. Students are responsible for repaying Haskell Indian Nations University if a payment is made to U.S. Department of Education on their behalf.

Students who have not repaid will be ineligible for Title IV aid at any college/university.

Work Study
Federal and Institutional student work study checks are disbursed on a bi-weekly schedule. Checks are available for pick up any time on the scheduled pay day. (See Business Office for a work-study pay schedule).