American Indian and Alaska Native Climate Change Working Group

Chahta ButlerChahta Butler

2007 NASA / AIHEC Summer intern

Haskell Indian Nations University
American Indian Studies

Project: Mapping the ancient paths with remote sensing


  • To use GIS and remote sensing imagery to gain a better understanding of traditional Sámi reindeer migration patterns in the Norwegian Arctic.
  • To asses potential loss of grazing lands that are vital to reindeer


  • Educating the younger generations of our own children about the impacts of a changing climate
  • Adjusting the number of reindeer in the grazing pastures
  • Continuing research with the Nordic Sámi Institute and the Sámi University College


  • Dr. Nancy Maynard, Mentor, NASA Tribal College & University Project
  • Janie Nall, GSFC Office of Higher Education
  • Ken Bailey, Dep. of Interior
  • Al Kuslikis, AIHEC
  • Jennifer Brennan, NASA EOSDIS Outreach Lead
  • Dr. Dan Wildcat,  HINU
  • Julia Goodfox,  AIHEC/HINU
  • Dr. Bull Bennett, Tribal College Science Coordinator  NDATC
  • Paula Smith, Colleague & Partner  AIHEC/HINU
  • Thank you to everyone who has helped me along my way through this project!


My power point presentation

Saami Indigenous people

Sami Reindeer Migrations

EALAT project


International Polar Year