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James Rattling LeafJames Rattling Leaf

Sinte Gleska University -  Land and Natural Resource Program Director, Sicangu Policy Institute

102 Antelope Lake Circle
Mission, SD  57555

Phone: 605-856-8100
Fax: 605-856-4428

James Rattling Leaf is the Land and Natural Resource Program Director for the Sicangu Policy Institute at Sinte Gleska University.  The Land and Resource Program seeks to provide unbiased, scientific data, methods and policy tools to assess the impact on tribal resources such as land, water, energy and minerals within the context of natural and managed ecosystems.  He manages a wide area of education, research and outreach activities which utilizes applications such as; GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing.

Over the past four years, he has actively developed programs which are designed to increase leadership capabilities and technological consciousness within our Tribal Colleges and Universities.  Having a growing expertise in the GIS and Remote Sensing field, he has been able to bring to the table government, Tribal communities and private industry partners to address the difficulties which we face with “rural technology”.  He hopes his background and experience of serving on many boards will be of service to any community and help enable educational and economic ventures to be achieved.

As the lead in developing a new partnership model with government, industry and tribal communities, he has been successful in developing and implementing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Unites States Geological Survey (USGS).  So, because of the MOU, NativeView, a consortium of 33 Tribal Colleges, was planned and developed to  provide USGS science data to Tribal Colleges to better understand and manage tribal lands. Also, he has been active in the Earth Science community in regards in developing a formidable partnership with the Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium (UMAC).  These experiences and intimate understanding of the needs of and working within Tribal Colleges have led to these success stories. .

Mr. Rattling Leaf received degrees at Sinte Gleska University and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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