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Marnie CarrollMarnie Carroll

Diné College - Director of the Dine Environmental Institute

P.O. Box 1530
Shiprock, NM  87420

Phone: (505) 368-3556
Fax: (505) 368-3550

Marnie Carroll is the Executive Director of the Diné Environmental Institute (DEI).  The Institute is actively involved in environmental research on Navajo Nation.  Some of the strategic goals of the institute are to improve air quality, to improve water quality and quantity, to investigate climate change impacts, to monitor energy development and its environmental impacts as well as to encourage renewable energy development on Navajo Nation.

Some of the current research projects are:  Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality and the Impacts of Coal Use in Shiprock, NM, Gas and Oil Well Drilling Impacts in Aneth, Utah, The Decline of Rana Pipiens on Navajo Nation, Global Monitoring of CO2 and the Impact of Trees and Phytoremediation of Uranium Tailings Using Native Phreatophytes.

DEI has an active, year round internship program with research interns working from two campuses at Diné College (Tsaile, Arizona and Shiprock, NM). Students can work in agriculture, conservation management, environmental science, environmental public health or educational research.

In addition to research, the institute also supports more economic development on the Navajo Nation and the creation of a technical and scientific workforce to assist tribal agencies and local industrial partners.

Marnie Carroll’s educational background is multidisciplinary with degrees in Functional Biology/Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Computer Science.


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