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Margaret Hiza RedsteerMargaret Hiza Redsteer

US Geological Survey

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Margaret Hiza Redsteer is currently a research scientist in the geologic discipline of the USGS, Earth Surface Processes Team, where she has been employed since October 1999. She is project chief of the “Navajo Land Use Planning Project”, at the Flagstaff Science Center in Arizona. She works on the Navajo Nation, conducting geologic mapping, studying climate and land use history, and assessing drought impacts, wind erosion, and water quality. Her specific expertise is in sand dune mobility and the mobility of surface sediment resulting from changes in climate and land use. Recent work includes assessment of the dune mobility index developed by Nick Lancaster, and it’s applicability to modeling the vegetation response to climate variability and drought. Her education includes a B.S. in Geology with extended hydrogeology emphasis from NAU, where she graduated Cum Laude (1989); an M.S. from Montana State University, 1993, on Sedimentary Processes in Volcanic Systems, funded by an NSF fellowship; and Ph.D. from Oregon State University, on the history of the Absaroka Province, Greater Yellowstone, Wyoming and Montana, 1999.

Margaret is of Crow descent, originally from an area on Wyoming-Montana border. She lived in the Joint Use Area of the Navajo Nation for ten years, in what is now Hopi Partitioned Lands, and is mother to three children.


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