American Indian and Alaska Native Climate Change Working Group

Dr. Raj PandyaDr. Raj Pandya

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science Program
Director and Principal Investigator

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Dr. Raj Pandya holds a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, and has done research in both education and atmospheric science.  He has been a college professor and researcher, and is currently the director of the SOARS Program.  He is also the director of the new Community Building Program.  In these roles, Raj is responsible for contributing to workforce development, addressing diversity, and catalyzing research that serves historically neglected communities.  Raj also serves as the coordinator for the UCAR Africa Initiative, building a sustainable partnership between UCAR and African Institutions in order to pursue meteorological research and applications for the benefit of the African people.  Raj is a member of the editorial board for Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, has chaired several scientific sessions at national and international science meetings, and written scientific articles as well as materials aimed at the general public.


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