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Haskell Archives

Haskell 1900's

The archives includes paper documents, administrative records, history books, student rosters, theatre and music programs, photographs, films, and videotapes of Haskell events, as well as the student-run Indian Leader newspapers and yearbooks since 1897. The archives also include the Frank A. Rinehart collection of 809 glass plate negatives made in 1898-1900.

Jim Thorpe
  • Haskell Archives vertical files by subject and name
  • Publications of the Haskell Institute Press
  • Haskell Indian Leader student newspaper and yearbooks (1897-present)
  • Theses and dissertations about Haskell by various authors
  • Haskell history publications printed by Haskell Institute Press such as:
    • Haskell Highlights 1884-1978
    • Buildings on the Haskell campus: Past and Present 1975
    • Haskell Institute USA: 1884-1959
  • Haskell student and faculty publications
  • Haskell Messenger (staff newsletter)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs films and videos
  • Over 15,000 Haskell photos of events, people, places, classes, etc.
  • Books about Indian boarding schools
  • National Archives microfilm
  • Haskell alumni informationóJim Thorpe, Billy Mills, Henry Roe Cloud, Ella DeLoria, etc.
  • Records of the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Graduation announcements and programs
  • Billy Mills
    Billy Mills 1956
    State Cross-Country Record Holder
  • Theatre productions
  • Student rosters
  • Class papers
  • Books, theses, publications about American Indian education policies
  • Haskell Self-Study Reports
  • Haskell English class papers and poetry, 1937-present
  • Indian Legends by Haskell students, 1911
  • Records and videotapes of the American Indian Records for the 21st Century and Beyond: Creating a Tribal/Federal Vision, Sept. 23-25, 2003, Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Department of Interior Annual Reports, 1886-1913
  • Native American Indian Women's Association Records
  • Annual Reports of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-1950
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Anthropological Papers and Journals
  • Handbook of South American Indians, Vol. 1-7
  • sketch club
    Sketch Club
    Native American arts, culture, and photography sources
  • Native American Genealogy information
  • Cherokee by Blood, Vol. 1-III
  • Seminole Book
  • Chickasaw Book
  • Creek Slave Book
  • Choctaw Book
  • Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835


Index of Haskell Children's Publications (see attached Excel file)

Early Haskell students 1890
1926 football team 1926 Haskell football team with John and George Levi
bandstand Band Stand
girls basketball Girls Basketball
Miss Haskell Haskell Brave, Miss Haskell
Nellie Keokuk 1884
powwow Powwow