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Virtural Tour

Please make sure your computer has Quick-time video playing capability to access these virtual tours. If you do not have Quick-time, please view the slide show of images of the Haskell Campus.

Haskell graduate Trevor Mohawk spent many hours traveling around the Haskell campus and taking still images with a tripod and stitching these still images together on the computer with VRWorx software. The result is the opportunity to see what the Haskell University campus looks like during the winter and summer, including some building interiors. Trevor is currently a University of Kansas graduate student in Theatre/Film and will graduate in 2011.

Greetings my name is Trevor Mohawk. I am an enrolled member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans tribe from Wisconsin. I graduated from Haskell Indian Nations University with an Associate of Arts degree in Media Communications. I hope that you enjoy the virtual tour that I helped to create.

Welcome to Haskell Cultural Center & Museum’s virtual tour. We would like to take this opportunity to explain how the tour works and features of the tour. We will refer to the icon of the mouse as the cursor. The cursor will change into a thick white arrow when it passes over a “hot spot”. A hot spot is a clickable button that will bring you to a building or other area on campus. When the cursor passes over a hot spot, it will display the name of the building or area that that particular button will bring you to. This name is displayed in the bar located below the viewing window.

Below this bar are circular buttons that perform different tasks. These buttons will be described as they appear from left to right. The first button to the left contains a vertical line with an arrow that points left, this button will bring you back to the previous panorama that you were viewing. The next button to the right contains a minus symbol, this button will zoom-out the point of view. The middle button is a ‘play’ button that does not have a function. The next button contains an addition symbol, this button will zoom-in the point of view. The button to the far right contains an arrow pointing upward and a question mark; this button will highlight all the hot spots that can be clicked in that particular panorama.

There are several ways that you can move around and adjust the direction that you are viewing within the window. First, you can click and hold the mouse, then drag the cursor in any direction to adjust the point of view in the window. You can also adjust your point of view by using the arrow buttons to move left and right, or tilt up and down.

As mentioned above you can zoom-in by pressing the button that contains the minus symbol; however, you can achieve this by pressing the “shift” key on your keyboard. Likewise, you can zoom-in by pressing the button that contains the addition symbol; however, you can achieve this by pressing the “control” key on your keyboard.

We hope that this information makes your viewing experience easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for your time and please enjoy.

Winter Tour

Summer Tour

Slide show of images