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General Background & Conceptual Framework (GB)

A.4.Key Exhibits (0-3)

School History

NCATE Precondition doucuments and Responses

Demographics of Haskell Students

Demographics of Haskell SOE Faculty

Demographics of Haskell SOE Candidates

B.7 Key Exhibits (0-30

KSDE Program Review Report and Response Letters

Elementary Report Program Review March 2011

Init Rpt 3-2011, 4-2011

ReqRejoinLtr ProgRev3-20114-2011

KSDE Rejoinder Documents and Response Letters


InitRecProg Rev7-13-2011

Rejoinder - Elementary Report Program Review March 2011

Section III chart for Elementary Report Rejoinder Program Review March 2011

Third Party Testimony

C.4 Key Exhibits (0-30

Haskell Indian Nations University General Catalog

ETEP Handbook

Junior I and Junior II Course Syllabi

EED 303 Walking in Balance I Physical Well Being

EED 304 Walking in Balance II Emotional Well Being

EED 308 Child Growth and Development

EED 309 Writing for the Education Profession

EED 311 Governance and Organization of Schools

EED 318 Multicultural Education and English Language Learners

EED 322 Psychology in Education

EED 323 Understanding Exceptionalities

EED 324 Introduction to Curriculum Theory and Development

EED 326 Diversity in Educational Settings

EED 329 Fundamentals of Assessment

EED 330 Math Methods for K-3 Learners

EED 341 Language Arts Methods for K-3 Learners

EED 350 Field Experience in K-3 Classrooms

Senior I and Senior II Course Syllabi

EED 404 First Days of School Seminar

EED 408 Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Preparation Seminar

EED 409 Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Implementation Seminar

EED 430 Math Methods for 4-6 Learners

EED 441 Language Arts Methods for 4-6 Learners

EED 450 Science Methods for K-6 Learners

EED 460 Social Studies Methods for K-6 Learners

EED 470 Speciality Content Methods for K-6 Learners Health, Physical Education and Art

EED 480 Pre-Student Teaching in K-6 Classrooms

EED 490 Student Teaching in K-6 Classrooms