School of Education

Resources & Exhibitis

Standard 5 - Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

5a.5. Key Exhibits

Cheryl Chuckluck Faculty Curricula Vitae

Jackie Boyd Curriculum Vitae

Kay McCord Curriculum Vitae

Lynn Beets Curriculum Vitae

Percentage of Host Teachers with Professional License and Bachelor/Masters (Available at School of Education)

5b.6. Key Exhibits

End-of-Course Evaluation Survey (Available at School of Education)

KPTP Content Guidelines

Diversity in School Settings Reflections Rubric

5c.3. Key Exhibits

Faculty and Adjunct Handbook

Conference Programs Where Faculty Have Presented (Available at School of Education)

5d.3. Key Exhibits

Falculty Senate Constitution

Faculty Senate By-Laws

DI 3000 September 2009 Edition(2)