English Department

English Department

The English department includes full-time English faculty; part-time, temporary assistant instructors, temporary grants-funded faculty; and administrative-clerical support staff.  The faculty provide instruction for college-level English, American Indian Studies/English, and remedial courses.  The department works closely with the tutorial center supported by the RISE grant.

Mission Statement:  The mission of the English department is to provide higher education to federally recognized tribal members.  The English department accomplishes this mission through provision of a curriculum that is culturally sensitive, innovative, and academically excellent.

Vision Statement:  The English department contributes to the Haskell vision to become a national center for Indian education, research, fine arts, service, and cultural programs.  These increase knowledge and support the educational needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Department Goals:

  • To provide required general education courses in English composition, rhetoric, and literature
  • To offer courses satisfying humanities distribution requirements and elective credit
  • To teach American Indian Studies advanced courses that are philosophically based on literary and visual narrative forms
  • To introduce students to the fine arts through creative writing. The department sponsors student activities:  publication of Perspectives, an anthology of student creative writing; student readings at area colleges and libraries; and student publications at local, tribal and college levels, including Tribal College.
  • To coordinate with the RISE learning/teaching specialist and other RISE grants staff in efforts to develop computer-based tutorial instruction, peer tutoring, and paper-and-pencil tutoring.
  • To provide the university and Lawrence communities a forum for writers and scholars.  The department invites outside speakers and employs faculty who are invited to civic and academic organizations as presenters in creative writing and humanities topics.

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