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Financial Aid Forms

Below is a list of forms you must submit to complete your Financial Aid file for the 2014-2015 award year. You will be notified of the specific forms you must complete and submit to the financial aid. You may submit them by fax, email or mail. Our fax number is 785-832-6617.

The selection of forms for you to complete will depend on whether you were selected for verification. Not every student is selected; please read your Student Aid Report (SAR) for this information.

Do not hesitate to call the Financial Aid office staff if you have any questions or have changed your email address, as this is where your notice (Document Tracking Letter) will be sent. Our office phone number is

2016 - 2017 Forms

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Appeal for Dependency Override
Child Support Paid (Dependent)
Child Support Paid (Independent)
High School Completion Status
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
Income Info. for Individuals w/Unusual Circumstances
COA Adjustment with Childcare
Low Income Clarification
Number of Household Members and Number in College (Dependent)
Number of Household Members and Number in College (Independent)
Other Untaxed Income for 2014
Parent Non-tax Filers
Parent Tax Filers
Receipt of SNAP Benefits (Dependent)
Receipt of SNAP Benefits (Independent)
Release of Information (FERPA) Form
Special Circumstance Re-evaluation Request
Student Data Form
Student Non-tax Filers
Student Tax Filers