Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application Checklist

STEP 1 You must be accepted for Admissions to attend Haskell. You can apply online at

STEP 2 You must complete the FAFSA(Free Appllication for Federal Student Aid). For faster processing, apply online at Our school code is 010438. You will need to obtain a PIN(Personal Identification Number) to complete the FAFSA online. Go to This PIN is your electronic signature to process and make corrections to your application. For a dependent student, a parent will also need to get a PIN.

STEP 3 You will receive a SAR(Student Aid Report) within one week after applying online. If you applied using the paper version, it can take up to four weeks before you receive your SAR. You will need to review your SAR and if additional information or corrections are needed by the processing center, you can go online at REMEMBER-PROCESSING IS FASTER ONLINE…. KEEP YOUR PIN TO YOURSELF.

STEP 4 You will be notified by the Haskell Financial Aid Office after completing STEPS 1-3. If you listed an email address on your FAFSA application, this notification will be sent to this email address. Otherwise, we will send the notification through regular mail to address provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon enrollment at Haskell, you are required to get a Haskell email address account for financial aid purposes. We will send all financial aid information to your Haskell email address. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly.

STEP 5 VERIFICATION FORMS-You will receive a Document Tracking Letter through email or regular mail infoming you what forms must be completed and returned back to us for further processing. The forms can be downloaded at

STEP 6 FINANCIAL AID AWARD-Upon completion of your financial aid application, the Haskell Financial Aid Office will notify you via email or regular mail of your award. If you are eligible, the amount of the award will be listed.

STEP 7 TRIBAL NEEDS ANALYSIS-Upon completion of STEPS 1-6, a tribal needs analysis form will be completed upon student request. It is the student's responsibility to submit this form to the Haskell Financial Aid Office. The Haskell Financial Aid Office will complete and mail the form to the funding agency.

For more information, please contact the Business Office.