Sequoyah Computer and GIS Lab

Campus/Tribal Projects: 3-D Campus

Advances in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related three-dimensional software have facilitated the creation of 3-D and virtual environments for college and university campuses. The purpose of this project was to develop a realistic 3-D model of the Haskell Indian Nations University campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

Methods began by capturing campus features using GPS or through digitizing. (See below.) This included roads, sidewalks, trees, fire hydrants, storm drains, manholes, stop signs, and light poles. Buildings were drawn by referencing digital photographs and blueprints. SketchUp Pro 5 from Google was the 3-D design software used.

3-D Campus

The finished buildings were exported as 3DS files, then georeferenced on a six-inch resolution orthophoto. Finally, a TIN created from two-foot contours in ArcScene was used to overlay the building point files. (See below.)

3-D Imaging

The Result is a Haskell campus visualization that can be viewed in ESRI’s ArcScene, SketchUp Pro 5, Google Earth, and as a 3-D PDF. (See below.) This 3-D model may prove useful in student recruitment, acquainting visitors with the campus prior to arrival, and planning for future development of the University's Facilities.

Haskell campus visualization