Sequoyah Computer and GIS Lab

Welcome to the Sequoyah Computer and GIS Lab

GISSequoyah 143 · Lab Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm · Monday - Friday

First, a little history…

The lab was founded in 1989 when the Haskell Science Department realized the necessity for a computer lab to teach basic computing skills to science students at Haskell. By the early 1990s, an introductory course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was first offered at Haskell by United States Geological Survey (USGS) employee Tom Trombley and Carol Bowen. The USGS provided necessary computer equipment for the lab to support the GIS course. In 2000, Haskell’s collaboration with the University of Kansas in the Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements (PRISM) grant provided necessary upgrades to computer equipment as well as instructional support for the Introduction to GIS (GEOG 310) course.

GISToday, students and faculty use the Sequoyah Computer and GIS Lab for studying, course assignments, and research projects. Currently, four courses (Math Applications (MATH 107), Introduction to GIS (GEOG 310), Applications of ArcGIS (GEOG 320), and Advanced GIS and GPS (GEOG 330)) are taught in the lab. In addition, the lab is also used for periodic tribal GIS workshops.

The lab is equipped with 16 computers (9 Dell OptiPlex GX620 and 7 Dell OptiPlex GX280), a scanner, a color laser printer, a black and white laser printer, a plotter, and portable LCD projectors. Software installed on all computers includes ESRI's ArcGIS 9.2, Microsoft Office, Macromedia Suite, Minitab, and MatLab. Mobile GIS/GPS equipment in the lab includes 4 Dell Inspiron laptop computers, 5 HP iPAQ handheld computers, 12 Garmin e-Trex GPS receivers, and 1 Trimble GeoExplorer XT GPS receiver.

GISGoals of the Sequoyah Computer and GIS Lab:

1. To provide GIS and geography education through coursework.

2. To provide GIS project and internship experiences for Haskell students.

3. To provide GIS assistance and support to the Tribes through periodic GIS workshops for staff and administrators in Tribal governments and site visits to Tribal offices.

4. To assist the Tribes with GIS project work.

5. To provide GIS assistance and support to Haskell faculty, staff, and administrators.

6. To assist the Haskell campus with GIS project work.


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