Institutional Review Board Committee

The President appoints the Institutional Review Board Committee members. IRB Committee members serve no more than a three (3) year term.

The Current IRB Committee Members are:

Freda Gipp
785-749-8407 x407 |

Bridget Chapin
Committee Member
785-832-2696 x696 |

Mary Stuckey
Committee Member
785-749-8491 x491 |

Carole Tomlinson
Committee Member
785-749-8470 x217 |

Robert Musgrove
Committee Member
785-832-6664 x664 |

Tom Spottedhorse
Committee Member
785-749-8410 x410 |

Burgess Tapedo
Committee Member
785-830-2774 x774 |

Carol Barr
Committee Member
785-749-8454 x454 |

KU IRB Member

If you have questions, please email the Institutional Review Board Chair at:


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