IRB Helpful Hints

  1. Haskell Indian Nations University is fully funded by the Department of Interior, a federal agency. When research is conducted on the Haskell campus, the researcher or principle investigator will need to have a Haskell faculty member involved. The Haskell employee understands the policies of the federal institution and help with locations that would be best suited for conducting the research. Processes for Haskell are not the same as other state run institutions.
  2. Culturally, some of the Haskell’s students are not very open to visit with people they are not familiar with, so having a Haskell employee will provide reassurance to the students that participation in the research is okay.
  3. Working with the Haskell employee will ease the burden of the use of tables and chairs, since the employee can ask the appropriate office for use of equipment or furniture.

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