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Haskell Indian Nations University (Haskell) and the University of Kansas (KU) have long enjoyed a spirit of cooperation due both to their commonality of mission and mutual location in Lawrence, Kansas. Further, Haskell and KU agree to jointly Ė Allow selected and limited numbers of students, to be agreed upon mutually, to attend classes on the cooperative campus who are enrolled at their home institution but are taught and evaluated by a cooperative faculty member through the Haskell / KU Exchange Program. (Excerpt: Memorandum of Understanding, April 9, 2012)


  • • The student must have a 2.50 Cumulative GPA
  • • The student must be in Good Standing
  • • The student must meet all pre-requisites for KU class (refer to KU Website for more info)
  • • The student must have Advisor's Signature
  • • The student can only take courses not offered at Haskell
  • • Transcripts will reflect coursework and grades
  • • The students is required to pay for their books, lab fees, parking fees and other expenses as
       normally required of a student attending the University of Kansas


  1. The student must meet with their advisor.
  2. Student should meet with their advisor and develop and/or update a Degree Check List. All Advisors should have access to applications for the program. The application will allow the student to apply and indicate which classes they would like to take. The Advisor and Student complete the form and return the form to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Application form must be completed by the student and their advisor during the pre-enrollment period.
  4. Choosing a KU Class
  5. Students need to be sure to check class availability and associated pre-requisites (if applicable) at www.classes.ku.edu. Haskell students cannot take a class at KU if that class is offered at Haskell. Students need to identify classes as described on the application.
  6. Registrar's Office - Review of Application
  7. Registrarís office will check the application for accuracy and verify the following:
        •Is the form filled out completely?
        •Did the Student and Advisor sign the form?
        •Is the Student eligible for the program, GPA, Standing?
        •Is the class properly identified?
  8. Registrar's Office - Program Availability
  9. KU allows Haskell, via this program, to take 60 credit hours total. The Registrar will build a file, by semester, to keep track of Haskell students taking KU classes and total credit hours needed for all students in the program.
  10. Office of Admissions
  11. Once the Registrarís office confirms the application, and associated class request is accurate and complete, the Registrar will forward the application, and Haskell student file, to the Office of Admissions.
  12. Registrar's Office
  13. Once the Office of Admissions returns the file to their office, the Registrar will contact Patti Wakolee (KU Liaison) and confirm the student has been approved including which class the student wishes to take.


Lou Hara
Haskell Indian Nations University Registrar
155 Indian Ave
Navarre Hall
Lawrence, KS 66046

Patti Wakolee
Haskell Transfer Program Coordinator
1450 Jayhawk Blvd
Rm #126 Strong Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045
Website: KU's Undergraduate Advising Center