Outreach Opportunity: RISE


RISE, the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement at Haskell is a National Institute of Health (NIH) supported program.

The mission of the RISE program is to increase opportunities for American Indian/Alaska Native students at Haskell Indian Nations University to achieve biomedical-relevant research careers and thereby increase the number of students who complete degrees in the biomedical sciences.

The RISE program offers some of the following opportunities:
The RISE Learning Center
     • Supportive environment for Math and Reading enhancements
     • Self-paced learning environment for Pre-Algebra and Introduction to Algebra
     • Supplemental Reading classroom instruction

Scientific Research
     • Cutting edge research with top-notch scientists at University of Kansas (KU) labs

Science Tutoring for Excellence Center (STEC)
     • Science Tutor assistance

Summer Science Academy (SSA)
     • Summer Science experience for students
     • Research Boot Camp
     • Participate in the Haskell-KU Exchange Program
     • Earn up to $1,600

Eligibility Requirements
     • Enrolled and attending Haskell Indian Nations University
     • In Good Academic Standing

Website Links:
RISE Website

For more information, please contact:
Becky Welton
Haskell Indian Nations University, Ross Hall: Rm. #133

Funding is made possible by NIH Grant #2R25GM062881-06A2 from the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS)


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