Graduation Checklist

Reminders on Preparation for Graduation

Graduation Date & Location:
Haskell Memorial Stadium , Lawrence, KS

Go to the website: to order invitations. You can also make your own invitations if you wish. With the software and paper/card stock available in most stores, you can personalize them in an instant.

Cap & Gown:
Go to the website: to purchase your cap and gown.

ADA Accommodations:
If you need any special ADA accommodations for your family, please be sure to notify our office at 785.749.8440 or email a request to

Finalizing The Semester:
Your final grades are important so keep studying. Your final grades will be checked for the final cumulative GPA.

How to Obtain your Diploma:
You will receive a booklet for your diploma, however, your diploma will be mailed out when final grades are in and your grades are checked once again to be sure you have a minimum of a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Don't Forget:

• Haskell needs a forwarding address from you so your diploma can be safety delivered.

• If you are graduating with your Associate degree and you wish to continue at Haskell, YOU MUST apply to the four (4) year program of your choice ASAP. In order to continue, you must be accepted formally into these programs. Baccalaureate programs available currently include: Environment Science, Elementary Education, Business School, and American Indian Studies.