Student Life

Counseling Services Center

The Counseling Center is located in Stidham Union building. All counselors are committed to the development of students. The Counseling Center supports the belief that each student’s personal, social and cultural values are their most important possessions. Endeavors are made to assist each student in making wise and meaningful life choices. The Counseling Center addresses student needs through a comprehensive student support effort.

Experienced, professionally trained guidance counselors and social workers provide personal and social counseling services. They assist students to successfully cope with the adjustment and stress issues that may interfere with their education. This may include, but is not limited to, confidential personal and social counseling, crisis intervention, chemical abuse education and prevention, assistance for students with family responsibilities, American Indian/Alaska Native cultural enrichment activities, and a seminal program in higher education success. Referral services are also available to students.

Housing for married students and student dependants is not currently available on campus. The off-campus counselor assists students who prefer off campus living by providing counseling and information on day care services, housing and rental issues, and by acting as a liaison and referral source for schools and other service agencies. The initial cost of moving into an apartment will range from $1000 to $1500. This amount includes the first and last months rent, a damage deposit, and utility deposits. Off-campus students should be prepared financially to pay for food, transportation, and day-care costs for the first two months since the processing of student applications for higher education grant, employment assistance, and veteran’s assistance can require several weeks for completion.

COUNSELING CENTER contact information:

Counseling Center Director:
Brenda Schildt (Office:Stidham Union)- (785) 749-8485 - e-mail

Sherry Girty (Office:Stidham Union)- (785) 749-8445 - e-mail

Guidance Counselors:
Burgess Tapedo (Office:Stidham Union)- (785) 830-2774 - e-mail

Guidance Counselor:
Angelina Adams (Office: Stidham Union)- (785) 830-2775 - e-mail

Guidance Counselor:
Jeanine Seger (Office: Stidham Union)  785-830-2773 -email


Those needing an Off Campus Packet mailed to them may e-mail Sherry Girty at
Subject: Off Campus Packet. Leave your full name, mailing address, City, State & Zip Code.

Any prospective off campus students who are needing to see the Apartment Listing in Lawrence, KS may visit this link : Apartment Directory ONLINE