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Adair, J. W.

Decoration Day
A memory play in two acts this play begins in a modern setting with flashbacks to the mid-1800s.  Casting:  27+ characters (double and triple casting possible)
Submitted to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Alfred, Gerald


Allen, Jeanette


Anderson, Elaine (Creek)

Death of the Holly Leaf
A history play set in 1824 the focus is on the Muskogee Nation and the Creek leader Oboithleya Hola.  1978 Enrichment Bonus winner at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest; Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Arkeketa, Annette (Otoe-Missouria, Muscogee Creek)

I know your feelings
--because I am your sister
you have taught me these things

--Captured Images

Hokti is the Muscogee Creek word for woman.  Hokti articulates the contemporary multi-dimensional existence of our lives as Indian women using poetry, music, scenes, slides photos, and dance.   
First presented by The Tulsa Indian Actors Workshop at the Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma, on August 1, 1997.  Director: Bill Krapohl.
Then preformed by the Thunderbird Theatre at Haskell Indian Nations University located in Lawrence, Kansas in April 1998.  Director: Jennifer Attocknie.

Ghost Dance
Subject of the play concerns the repatriation of Native American remains, cultural Patrimony and how it affects Native people.


Baker, Louise

Apples and Lemons
One act play set in a college campus dormitory room and T.V. studio.
1974 submission to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest:
Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Baker, Marie Annharte (Anishinabe)

Albeit Aboriginal


Baker, Michal K.

Once A Great Day
A four act play set in present day White House and Oklahoma.  Casting: 13 characters including
A mythical President of the U.S.A., Vice-President, reporter and American Indian Council.
1976 submission to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Barnett, Pat

Talk of the Black Crow
History play which takes place pre-contact.  3 Chapters.  Casting: 8 characters.
Submission to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest: Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Begay, Jason (Dine)

How The Gods Kill
Drama placed in current time.  Casting: 2 W 2 M.
The play reveals the conflict between traditional ways and the influence of Christianity.  The characters struggle with identity in the face of cultural loss.
Play is included in Gathering Our Own: New Work from the Institute of American Indian Arts.
First published IAIA drama anthology.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Benson, Diane (Tlingit)


Bigjim, Fred (Inupiaq)

The Last Native
Mr. Bigjim is professor at the University of Alaska/Fairbanks.


Blackstone, Tsianina Redfeather (Creek)


Blue Spruce, Paula

A play in 2 acts which takes place in current time and time remembered.  It takes place in the Pueblo village of Oraibi on Black Mesa of the Hopi Reservation, Northern Arizona. Idea for the play was inspired by the book Sun Chief: The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian.
Ed. Leo W. Simmons, Yale University Press.  1942.


Bobb, Columpa

Jumping Mouse
Co-written with Marion de Vries.


Bonnin, Gertude Simmons aka Zitkala-Sa (Yankton Sioux)

The Sun Dance
Co-written with William Hanson in 1914 this opera was selected by the New York Light Opera Guild as Opera of the Year 1937.  It was presented and preformed on Broadway.


Borden, William (Metis)

Turtle Island Blues
First presented by the Listening Winds Theatre Company.

I Want to Be an Indian

Borst, Murielle (Kuna/Rappahannock)

More Than Feathers and Beads
A one-woman show in 4 scenes.  Feeling an obligation to show the varying lives of Native women
Murielle Borst created this production to show that a Native womans life is more than feathers And beads.

Medea: A Native Tragedy


Brown, Vee (Dine)

Navajo Childrens Coyote Plays

A collection of five plays using 3 10 players.  Included are Coyote and Skunk, Coyote and the Fawns Star, Coyote and Raven, Coyote and Horned Toad, Coyote and Rabbit

Stories written and Retold by playwright.


Bruchac, Joseph (Abenaki)

Three Flute Songs,

Pushing Up The Sky: Seven Native American Plays for Children, published by Dial Press includes: Gluskabe and Old Man Winter, Star Sisters, Possums Tail, Wihios Duck Dance, Pushing Up the Sky, The Cannibal Monster, The Strongest One.

Campbell, Maria (Metis)

Published by Coach House.  Toronto, 1989.  A drama in one act.  Casting: six characters.

Cardinal, Benjamin Walter

Generic Warrior
Performed at the Blyth Festival, Ontario 1993.


Charles, Monica

One act play published in Indian History Journal.  Fall 1971 vol. 4, no. 3. 




Cheechoo, Shirley (Cree)

Bear Woman


Listen to the Elders
Preformed at the West Bay Childrens Theatre, West Bay, Ontario.

Feather Leaves
Preformed at Cambrian Foundation Center, Sudbury, Ontario.

Nothing Personal
Drama Two acts.  2W 4M (doubling possible)
With Alanis King performed by the De-Ba-Jeh-Mu-Jig Theatre Group, Manitoulin Island.

Nanabush of the 80s
With Alanis King, Ken Charlotte,  De-Ba-Jeh-Mu-Jig Theatre Group, West Bay, Ontario.

Preformed at the University of California/Davis

Path With No Moccasins
Dramatic monolog in four acts.   This gripping one-woman show is gripping revelation of her personal experiences in residential schools, and reveals some astounding truths about realities and abuse suffered by too many native children in their formative years.  First produced by PAS Cultural Exchange.

Respect the Voice of a Child
With Bill Merasty; preformed by De-Ba-Jeh-Mu-Jig Theatre Group, Manitoulin Island.

Shadow People
Drama in two acts.  Casting: 2W 4M.  Faced with alcoholic parents, but helped by an aunt who is an aspiring singer, one brother commits suicide and one brother learns to fight for himself.  First produced by the De-Ba-Jeh-Mu-Jig Theatre Group, Manitoulin Island 1984.

Tangled Sheets
Preformed by West Bay Action for the Arts.  West Bay, Ontario.

Your Dreams Was Mine
Drama in one act.  Casting: 2W 1M.  Two friends on their way to ones wedding are in a car accident While walking along the highway they have time to reflect on their lives.


Clements, Marie Humber (Metis)

Dirty Dog River
One act.  An educational play for young audiences on AIDS.

The Age of Iron
Three acts. Casting: 7W, 7M, Chorus 4M/W.  Published in Taking the Stage:
Selections from Plays by Canadian Women, Ed. Cynthia Zimmerman. 1994. Toronto:
Playwrights Canada Press, 1995.  225-227.

Now Look What You Made Me Do
One act drama. Casting: 4W, 2M. Poetically suggests the responses of women to their sexuality within the context of domestic violence.  First produced by the Maenad Theatre, Calgary, Alberta.

The Girl Who Swam Forever
One act.  Casting:  2W 2M

Urban Tattoo
One Act.  Casting: 1W.  First produced:  Native Voice in New York City, August 1996; Women in View Festival, Vancouver, BC, February 1998.


Coker, Jorene           

The Maturing of Hailey Powell
ã1984, Jorene Coker


Colorado, Hortensia and Elvira (Chichimec/Otomi)

Our theater work consists of personal stories coming from our oral traditions, which not only entertain, but educate and heal once we voice these stories, the process of healing begins, healing ourselves, our community, the people that come to see and hear our theatre.  Our work has to do with the power that we have within ourselves.  Theyre survival stories. ¾  Elvira Colorado 

The Colorado Sisters combine spirituality, history, myth, and culture in their performances.
Seasoned storytellers, the sisters are committed to issues that concern all women. Their dynamic repertoire confronts language barriers, stereotyping, violence, and ethnocentrism.

Coyolxauhquli: Women Without Borders 
First performed in 1990

1992 Blood Speaks

Do not forget to tell your children, that they may tell the children of their children of their children, with proper respect.  Tell them how it was how it will be how we will rise again how to gain strength and how our culture will fulfill its great destiny on our beloved Mother Earth.

First produced as part of Indian Summer 1992 Festival at the American Indian Community House in New York City, NY this play was written to commemorate the Columbus anniversary in 1992. The play deals with the role religion played in the genocide of Native peoples. Included within the anthology, Contemporary Plays by Women of Color: Ed. Kathy A. Perkins and Roberto Uno.  London: Routledge, 1996. 82-89.

A Traditional Kind of Woman: Too Much, Not Nuff!!
First performed in 1994.
Through music, song and larger than life props, sisters Elvira and Hortensia Colorado communicate the heartbreak, absurdity, pain, humor, and power of womens healing and empowering stories.  (Program notes from Womens History Month Conference, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY. March 3-4, 2000.)

First performed in 1993

Open Wounds on Tlalteucili
16 scenes.  30 pages. Casting: 2 W.
Performance piece which examines the relationship between the abuse of women and the abuse of the earth ¾ physical, spiritual, cultural, and ecological.

La Llorona: The Wailing Woman

Walks of Indian Women: Aztlan to Anahuac
First performed in 1989

Tlatilco: The Place Where Things Are Hidden
First performed in 1989
Contact Information:  Coatlicue Theatre Company.  85 Kenmare Street. New York, NY 10012.  212-431-1666.


Condry, Dorothea

Firebird of Unlimited Happiness: A Pageant
A memory/history play from current time (1970) to the past.  3 acts. Casting: 30+ characters.
Submitted to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Conley, Robert J. (Cherokee)

Mountain Windsong
Music and Lyrics by Linder Chlarson.  2 act musical.
Based on the novel by Robert J. Conley,  Mountain Windsong  tells the story of Oconeechee and Waguli, lovers separated by the Trail of Tears and were eventually reunited.
Premiered September 23, 1995 at the Tsa-ta-gi Amphitheater, Tallequah, Oklahoma.

Cook, Krystal (Kwakwakawakw)


Cooper, Baba

The Gathering
Submission to the Red Path Theater, Chicago, IL.


Cruz, Petrona de la Cruz


Cultee, Roger

Killing the Straying Earth
Staged reading 1999 by Wakiknabe Theatre, Albuquerque, NM.


Dandurand, Joseph A. (Kwantlen-Xalatsep)

I met a man once who wouldnt look me in the eyes.  Hed always be wanting something from me and he would come right up to my door and hed ask for it without ever looking me in the eyes and Id tell him no every time and hed walk away all mad but he would come back and he would ask me for something else and I would look him right in the eyes and I knew that I would give him whatever it was he was asking for if he would just have the respect to look me in the eyes when he asked for it, but he never did and he hated me.  That man hated me because I asked for respect.  ¾ Please Do Not Touch The Indians

A Childs Church
Chili and His Days of Glory

Crackers and Soup

No Totem For My Story
1 W 2 M.  Staged reading at the 1994 Native Voices Festival, Illinois State University.

Please Do Not Touch The Indians
Staged reading 1995 at, Native Voices/Back to Normal.  Illinois State University.  Second annual Festival of Native Plays
Scowlitz: Where Two Rivers Meet
Tsonoqua: The Hungry Feast Dish


Wishing Stones


Dauenhauer, Nora Marks (Tlingit)

Raven Loses His Nose
Collection of Raven plays along with Tlingit stories by the playwright can be found in Life Woven With Song: Sun Tracks, V. 41. , Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2000.


Daugherty, Lena Lockhart

Night Brings Out The Stars
History play covering 1880-1907.  Subject: the Creek history concerning Sequoyah convention
Promoting a separate statehood.
1976 Submission to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Deloria, Ella Cara (Yankton Dakota)

Led a twenty-year career in historical pageantry 1920-1940.

Dennis, Darrell

The Trickster of Third Avenue East
Produced by Native Earth Performing Arts at the Poor Alex Toronto.

Dietz, Steven 

The Remember
First performed in1993 


Dudoward, Valerie

Teach Me The Ways of the Sacred Circle
Three acts.  Casting: 3 W 3 M.  Explores Indian cultural values and philosophies, and examines them in urban setting which sometimes obscures or challenges the ancient teachings. 
Playwrights note: The youth are our future, and our hope, Indian youth, all youth.  This play is written in celebration of them, and in tribute to our grandmothers and grandfathers, moms and dads.


Durham, Jimmie  (Cherokee)


DuVal, Carol



Echo-Hawk, Bunky Jr. (Pawnee/Yakama)

The Essence
A half-Pawnee, half white teenage girl struggles to find her cultural identity as she encounters two New Agers and her estranged father.
Presented at the Institute of American Indian Arts, First Annual Playwriting Festival,April 13-16, 1994.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Edmo, Ed

Through Coyotes Eyes        


Endres, Robin

Ghost Dance
Published in Women and Words: Anthology/Les Femmes et les Mots: Anthologie. Madeira Park, BC: Harbour, 1984. 140-143.

Espinoza, Isabel Juarez


Farmer, Patrice

Three Souls of a Puerto Rican


Favel, Floyd (Cree)

All My Relations
Presented at the Winnipeg Gas Station Theatre, Spring 1990.


Flather, Patti

Sixty Below
Drama in 2 acts.  Casting: 7 W 5 M.  Co-written with Eric Linklater this play explores issues of identity, substance abuse, racism, and spirituality through the story of a young man recently released from jail, and his relationships with his girlfriend and his buddies.  The ghost of a loved one who has died haunts the play.
Weesagachak Comes to Dance
Produced by Native Earth Performing Arts, Fall 1995.


Francis, Marvin

The Sniffer
Published in Beyond the Pale: Dramatic Writing From First Nations Writers and Writers of Colour  Eds. Yvette Nolan, Betty Quan, and George Bwanika Seremba.  Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 1996.


Frawley, Henry, Maria


Frayser, Robert Clark (Cherokee)

The Panther and the Swan
Co-written with George Phelps.  1976 Submission to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest: Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Freeman, Minnie Aodla

Survival in the South


Fry, Maggie Culver

Democracy and John Harjo
Two act, 8 scene history play set in Oklahoma, 1941.  Taken from Moonys Myths of Oklahoma.
Received 1974 Honorable Mention in the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Clouds Over Echota
Drama based on the Cherokee Removal.  Casting: 14 characters, 100 pages.
Submitted 1974 to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The Pride of Dowala
Drama based on the Cherokee Removal.  Casting: 17 characters.
Submitted 1976 to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum: Playwriting Contest: Muskogee, Oklahoma.