Associate of Arts - Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts 60 credit hours
Emphasis:  Theatre 2.00 GPA
General Education Requirements 34 credit hours

Credit hours
To be selected from
VISQ 101 Vision Quest
American Indian/Alaska Native Contemporary Issues
1 course from approved list under Institutional Requirements
Analytical & Quantitative Thinking
MATH 101 College Algebra or higher math course
ENGL 101 English I, ENGL 102 English II,  SPCH 131 Public Speaking or SPCH 151 Speech Communication
2 courses from 2 of the 3 following topics groups:
a.)  Historical studies                   
b.) Literature and the arts                  
c.) Philosophy and Religion
Natural Sciences
1 laboratory course from the Natural Sciences
Physical Education and Health
1 activity course
Social Sciences
2 courses from 2 of the 3 following topic groups:
a.)  Culture and society            
b.) Individual behavior  
c.) Public affairs       

Theatre Emphasis Requirements: 26 credit hours

Theatre: 14 credit hours

THEAT 100 Introduction to Theatre

THEAT 105 Improvisation for the Theatre

THEAT 203 Introduction Dramatic Literature

THEAT 101 Performance in Theatre Arts

THEAT 102 Performance in Theatre Arts

THEAT 106 Acting I

Additional credit hours: 12 credit hours


Patricia Melody, Theatre, M.A., University of Kansas

Technical Theatre Staff
Anthony Higheagle, Theatre, B.A., Washington State University

The theatre program introduces students to the study of dramatic literature, theatre history, and the practice of theatre art, including: play production, acting, and directing.  In addition to contributing to the general education of students, the program seeks to initiate the education of students planning to major in theatre while preparing for careers as theatre professionals or as educators.  Studying and participating in theatre provide a base for any pursuit which demands the fusion of practical expertise and creative intelligence.  The program contributes to the development of theatre that is Native in style and form, provides a forum for the production of Native playwrights, and provides Native theatre experiences to Native and non-Native communities.

Course Descriptions

THEAT 100  Introduction to Theatre (3) Introduction to the elements of theatre and drama necessary for analysis of dramatic literature and theatrical performances, and for understanding the role of theatre in society.  Fulfills humanities requirement, part b.

THEAT  101, 102, 201, 202  Performance in Theatre Arts  (1) Practicum in theatre procedures and techniques through participation in theatre productions.

THEAT 105  Improvisation (3) Basic methods of extemporaneous physical and vocal expression serving as a foundation for acting technique.

THEAT 106  Acting I (3) Fundamental techniques in acting, with practice in pantomime, character creation, body language, and effective stage speech.

THEAT 160, 161, 260, 261  Theatre Tour (2) Experience in all aspects of touring a theatrical production.  Loading in and assembling sets, hanging and focusing lighting instruments and touring lighting board, running lights for performances, setting up sound system and running sound cues for performance, maintaining costumes, performing productions in a wide range of performance settings, and striking and loading sets, equipment, and costumes at the conclusion of performances.

THEAT 203  Introduction to Dramatic Literature (3) Survey plays from Greek theatre to contemporary theatre.  Prerequisite:  ENGL 102.  Fulfills humanities requirement, part b.

THEAT 206  Acting II (3) Continued study of character creation, body language, stage speech, and pantomime with an emphasis on reinforcing basic skills and the introduction of more advanced acting techniques.  Prerequisites:  THEAT 105 or THEAT 106.

THEAT 225  Dramatization of Indian Literature and Legend (3)  Develops techniques for adapting American Indian/Alaska Native literature, legend, and subject matter to the stage through improvisation and script preparation.  Fulfills Native citizenship requirement, part c.

ST 290  American Indian Drama  (3)  Survey of plays by contemporary American Indian/Alaska Native playwrights.   This course focuses on analysis of contemporary American Indian/Alaska Native play scripts to give the student an understanding of the dramatic range, social commentary, cultural elements, and current directions in American Indian/Alaska Native drama.  By permission of instructor.