Haskell TRiO Program

History of TRiO

The TRiO Programs began with the Upward Bound program in 1964 with the Economic Opportunity Act. Talent Search was the next program that emerged. It was created out of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Next in line was the Student Support Services program, also known as the Special Service for Disadvantaged Students program. This program was started in 1968 by the Higher Education Amendments and became the third program in the series, thus TRiO.

Over the next thirty years, several program emerged to help disadvantage students get an education such as: Educational Opportunity Center, Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, Upward Bound Math and Science, Upward Bound Veterans and Dissemination partnership program.

Today many low-income families depend on these programs to help their child succeed academically in High School and College.

Although 11 million Americans critically need to access the TRiO programs, federal funding permits fewer than 7 percent of eligible youth and adults to be served.”

— Source: Council for Opportunity in Education

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Haskell Indian
Nations University
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155 Indian Ave
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785-749-8404 ex. 206
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The TRiO Office is located in:
Ross Hall, Rm #131

Office Hours:
8AM - 5PM | M-F

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