University Vision 2008

Strategic Plan Initiatives 2003-2008

I. Haskell will develop and maintain high quality baccalaureate degrees in AIS, Science, Business, Education, and one new area, Liberal Studies; and an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies.

II. Haskell will significantly improve student advancement and graduation rates.

III. By 2008, overall institutional funding will be at least $20 million from appropriated funds and external sources (which includes grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, partnerships, foundations and tribes/nations).

IV. Haskell will provide specific opportunities for faculty and staff that encourage, support and reward professional development and provide leadership capacity and experiences for faculty, staff and students.

V. Haskell will capitalize on opportunities to maintain state of the art information technology that enhances communication and meets Haskell’s educational needs. A well-developed Distance Education program will help expand Haskell’s student base and provide quality educational experiences to students not on campus.

VI. Haskell will provide and maintain a safe, secure and accessible campus with facilities conducive to effective learning and teaching, and meeting the social needs of AI/AN students.

VII. The environment at Haskell will encourage, support and reward academic research, interdisciplinary research and other creative activities that advance knowledge.